Ok, I’m going to say something that I’m sure a lot of people disagree with.

\But I have been kinda been following the Chief Keef situation and it makes me extremely upset how people are talking about this kid so hatefully.

It’s actually something that really fucking pisses me off.

I mean, you can dislike the kid’s music and you can not approve of his action’s but for people to say that he is trash and that they are glad he is going to jail because that’s where he belongs or saying that they hope his ass stays is in jail forever…it’s ridiculous. Like do people even…

The kid is 17.

And maybe that’s why I’m upset by this so much,  because my baby brother is 17 and he went through this sort of stupid shit…trying to prove he was hard, getting into trouble, and finding himself in juvenile.

If I heard someone say the shit that they are saying about Chier Keef about MY BROTHER? I would beat the fuck out of them.

Because my baby brother is a wonderful fucking person. He just made stupid, young minded mistakes. That I know he regrets but…



I decided to watch a few of Chief Keef’s videos and interviews and I’m not going to lie…it was kinda hard, and I may have gotten a little watered eyed. Lol, and people might think that’s dumb, I know. The thing is I saw my brother’s and his friends in this dude. His mannerisms, how he talks, everything…this dude is a kid. And he acts like a kid.

A kid trying to play hard. A kid who grew up in fucking Chicago and thinks that he has to act a certain way because that’s what he was probably surrounded by his whole life.

And maybe I’m being entirely too sensitive toward this because I look at him and I see my baby brother and I hear my baby brother who said nearly the same thing in court to his judge that Keith Cozart said, “I’m a good person, and I’m sorry for anything I have done wrong. Just give me a chance.”

I think of my baby brother who kept trying to act cool and like he didn’t give a fuck when he was in juvenile but still made sure to call our mama every night even if it was just to sit quietly on the phone and hear her talk.

After a few months in juvenile when he finally had to go to court and was facing serious time …I remember my brother being silent a lot, trying to act nonchalant but not being able to really hold eye contact with anyone at a certain point before he went in the last few times. How the last time at his final sentencing, when he and mama came by to see me before driving to the courthouse [mama didn’t want me to go] I didn’t know what to do so I just gave him my lucky necklace, gave him a kiss, and told him I loved him before they left to find out what finally was going to happen.

And I remember him calling me stupid and corny…but still putting on the necklace, looking down and playing with it.

And I just waited, and waited until I finally got the call.

My brother and his friends were let off because of a mistake made on prosecution’s end, avoided years and just ended up getting probation and having to attend Job Corps.

Mama called me ecstatic and emotional, and laughing 

"The first thing he said when it was all over is, ‘Tia’s necklace worked! "

Haha, blah. Silly, lame family story.


I just really want people to be a little more understanding. I’m not trying to say that Chief Keef should not get in trouble for the things he does, he should. Consequences and all that. But be understanding man.

Don’t just talk shit about him, want more for him. 

And I hope that Keith Cozart learns his lesson and has people in his life that are trying to build him up and help him be better and do better. 

Yeah, I might just be overemotional about this because of my brother but I don’t give a shit. And I don’t care if no one agrees with me or if people think I’m being silly.

But I never wish ill will on kids.

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